Sunday, 8 March 2009

A week...............

…………..without Lomax. It feels like longer. Still no sign of him.

Busy shift at work yesterday………. after a hectic bang, crash, wallop start, by being rung by the (very nice) Boss, because I was meant to be in on and early shift, and I was still in bed reading, thinking I was on a late shift. I HATE it when that happens!

The girls dragged me out last night for a staff get-together in The Perkin Warbeck, a big chain pub in town. God, did I feel my physical age, accentuated by a mental age that has stood still. Chicks everywhere, many wearing next to bugger-all, and knowing I’m just an old guy trying not to look.

Anna, one of the youngsters I work with, young, slim, small, gorgeous and born to be on a mo’sickle if anyone ever was, dragged me up for a dance, and so I got up with her before I gave myself time to say ‘no’.

Boy, she lit me up like a sparkler, and it was great, unexpected, and good fun to be up there with her. A lithe body, and sparkling eyes, knocking the years off there for a while. It really fired me up, which meant I enjoyed the rest of the evening. Lovely girl, and it sure was nice of her to bother with an old guy.

I fucking HATE being this age, ………..and with looks that have gone, just to make it worse.

Sun’s out, and Trevor emailed to say he’s got The Seven moving under it’s own power……….. a Locost kit-car he’s building in a tiny ‘standard’ sized garage from the ground up, chassis and all. He’s been waiting for a prop-shaft to be shortened, so it can move under it’s own power……… the missing link ‘tween gearbox and back axle. Hopefully he’ll get it on the road in the Spring……… Summer at the latest.

Going around there for a gander later this morning before work. I must get my finger out, and get mine rebuilt………… the Marlin and the Lomax.

Seems strange to call the car ‘Lomax’, after it having been the name of my little buddy for the last five months.

I hope you’re ok, wherever you are little man.



  1. You have a great blog. Why do you have the adult content disclaimer on? You will keep people away!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Jo

    To be honest, it's the swearing here and there.......... I'd hate to offend anyone :o)

    I guess I could stop swearing, eh?? :o)

    I'd never really considered that it'd keep people away.

    Maybe I'll take it off and see what happens.

    Thanks again,
    Kevin. :o)