Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lost Lomax Posters ready……………

Spent a while this morning before going to work on a late shift, composing an A4 sized Lost Lomax poster to get printed at Staples office suppliers near me. Also printed out about forty A5 ‘flyers’ on my almost-out-of-ink laser printer, but without a photo of Lomax, to push through letterboxes tomorrow on my day off.

The photo in the big A4 posters were better than I thought when they printed them, and pretty cheap really (About .35p each or so), so I had fifteen printed, and will get more done if I need them. Came home again, plastic-laminated them, and punched holes for ties. They look good. I’ll get out tomorrow, and fix them to lampposts etc, and hope they survive long enough to be effective in spreading the word.

I had the dreaded look along the stream, and down by the grill across it, and was relieved not to find him there, so that was a real good omen.

I put one of the A4 posters in the local shop near(ish) me, and went into the big school opposite and spoke to the headmaster, or someone pretty senior, who he said he’d gladly put the poster up, ...........and announce it at assembly!!!! I was blown away by that, and thought that was real good of him. Kids get everywhere, and that’s a lot of eyes about the place, eh? Just hope I don’t get a lot of hoax phone calls.

I saw several rabbits out and about this morning, and they weren’t too skittish, so maybe Lomax will be savvy enough to kill one for some grub. Not sure that he’s big enough, or fierce enough to do that yet. Hopefully hunger will activate his ancestors instincts.

I’ve managed to lose Lomax’s whistle since returning home this morning……….. put it somewhere, and am buggered if I can find it. Soddit! Maybe it’ll turn up tomorrow, or I’ll have to get another.

Five days he’s been gone now. This place is soooooooo empty without him.

It’s going to be a busy walking day tomorrow putting the posters up, and the flyers through letterboxes.

Lets hope it works.

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