Monday, 1 November 2010

Nanowrimo starts today............

Hi y'all,
well Nanowrimo starts today, and I'm doing all the writing avoidance things to not get going........... getting this damn laptop updated and working again after not using it all summer, being the main one.

Sun's out, and I should be Out There........... got the guttering to clear for Gill today sometime, ........ she's my mate Restless Richard's Chick, and I'm sure it would be a Good Idea if I got my finger out and had a practice run up at the job by clearing my guttering, and fixing up all the bleddy leaks in it, the biggest being the missing end cap.

Can I be bothered though...... somehow it's always easier to do other peoples stuff........... you ever noticed that? Maybe that's because it's somehow more satisfying to help someone else. I dunno.

Life is but a mystery, and I really should give up trying to figure it all out, don't you think? :o)

Anyhow, anything with Richard is a right bleddy laugh, and in the event it will be more fun than I think clearing guttering can ever be.

None of this is getting words out for my Nanowrimo though is it. Going to do a ghost story, methinks........ just for the fun of it........ like Lovely Bones, that film 'Ghost', and another book I read a while ago, the name of which escapes me.

Right, I'm off to at least open Word, and save a document with the working book title at least. :o)

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