Sunday, 20 September 2009

Remember 'J' and 'R'........... and 'S and 'A', ........please.

Remember my good friend, ‘J’, whose husband ‘R’ is critically ill with Cancer?

If you do, how about stopping still for a minute, and sending a few positive and good thoughts Out There to them both in their living hell. Please, ……………it doesn’t take long. If you don’t remember them, scroll down to the blog I wrote here on 15 September. ............ Then send out those thoughts.

And for S too, who’s having to do the hardest thing and have her beloved horse, ‘A’ put down this coming Friday.

Spare some thoughts for both ‘S’ and ‘A’ too will you, and especially on Friday.

I think these thoughts, and prayers if you pray, carry more weight than we can ever know.

Thankyou :o)

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