Saturday, 21 February 2009

Cracking Day! :o)

Hi there,
What a cracking day!

Lomax decided it was vital he went outside for the First Adventure at bleddy 03:30 am today………… so out he went, and out he stayed, which meant I got to sleep until 08:45 this morning. Boy, was that ever a treat!!!!! :o)

Weather forecast was good, so I loaded up the washing machine, and got it out on the line in the morning sun. The weather turned out to be terrific, so I spent an hour in the garden taking photos of lomax with a long lens on the camera…… took about 200, and got twenty or so good ones out of that.

Sat outside in the sun with a cuppa for a read with Lomax. No-Problem-Pete (because everything is “No Problem” to Pete) called in just after mid-day, and we had some quality Bloke Time. He’s got another bike…….. a old 1982 650 Suzy shaft-drive, so we went around to xxxx (forgotten his bleddy name!!!) to look at it, and had a natter with him and a couple of his mates……… all hard-core bikers, which was great. Good to talk to some who’ve put the years in, and know what they’re talking about. It made a change to have some good company.

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading, photographing and playing with Lomax. You could really tell he was having a great day out there, and loved the sun. He’s whacked out, and has been sleeping on my knee here in front of the log burner all evening. A picture of complete and utter contentment.

Lets hope he sleeps through the night! :o*

Boy, I could do with some more days like today. :o)


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