Monday, 16 February 2009

Blowing on his poor, sore, little bollocks :oI

All gone well with Lomax at the V.E.T., and he's been sticking to me like glue ever since we got back from the V.E.T., bless him.

He was pretty lively at first, but I think the pain killer is working off a bit, as he's much more subdued now, and looking a bit sombre.

Bleddy sure I would be too!

His poor little bollocks are all shaved, pink and sore looking, so I blew on them gently for a bit, and he put his head back and lay there seemingly in rapturous bliss. It was obviously a great comfort.

Suzy (real good friend) said on the phone just now, that it was disgusting........... actually she said, " Oooooo, that's nahsty!" (Quote, unquote.... she talks real posh, and I love it) :o)))

I said I was simply giving him 'All Nursing Care' :oI

I mean, you just can't spare yourself in a situation of such great need, now can you, eh? Can't see a chap suffer like that. :o))))

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