Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sadly neglected.............

It’s the only way to describe my poor old blog.

Sorry Blog, but I’ve been distracted of late, and would make with a stinging nettles and the flogging, but there is a dearth of them, being in the midst of winter such as we are. Be assured, though, that I will rectify the matter with the oncoming of Spring, and meanwhile will make every attempt to write to you far more often.

Trouble is……. writing long emails as lately has taken some steam from the boiler.

I was hoping the muse would kick min if Io started some mindless rambling, but so far not much is going on………. Half watching a film doesn’t help a whole lot I guess. It’s “Becoming Jane”……… about Jane Austen before she was a successful writer……. I turned over to it at random from a crappy cooking contest program…….. one of the plethora that cascades from the telly these days by way of national entertainment.

Anyway……. it’s a good film, and it sure highlights the lot of women back in those days. Having an opinion about anything was considered such a wrong. Even to an Old Chauvinist Greaser like me it defies belief. I’m frequently in despair of what this country is turning into, but when you really think of the reality that we’ve left behind from the ‘good old days’, well, there was a lot wrong, for sure-certain. You either had, or you had not……… boy do we ever have it easy these days.

What is a real pity is why the things that were good had to be sacrificed and squandered so completely to make way for the things that were so wrong to be put right…….. if you see what I mean.

Why is that?

Maybe it’s the momentum of a ‘pendulum’ in all things, in that it has to swing to and fro and only settles on the middle when the energy to push it ceases to be.

The nature of a pendulum being what it is, though……….. sitting in a rested middle means it ceases to be a pendulum, and just becomes a useless weight.

I guess it just has to swing, at whatever price.

Nite,K.x :o)

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